Pea Pods Nursery (18 months - 3 years old)

Core program: 8:30 am - 2 pm, Monday - Thursday


The 2-day program runs 8:30 am - 2 pm, Monday - Tuesday, or Wednesday - Thursday

When it is not possible to stay home with the very young child, our Peapod nursery offers a nurturing environment with the warmth and security of an unhurried home life. Since young children absorb the world primarily through their senses, our biggest job in the Nursery and in the Kindergarten is to provide an environment which is worthy of their absorption and imitation.

Daily life experience is the “curriculum” through which your child experiences healthy life rhythms and routines: room care, food preparation, gardening, and preparing for holidays and seasonal festivities. Just as when young children are at home, the nursery students may choose to join the adults in their work, imitate work the adults are doing, or play nearby under the watchful eyes of his or her teachers. The children are wrapped in a comfortable, secure routine which gives them great confidence to explore their surroundings and immerse themselves in the all-important work of the child: play.

A knowledgeable and loving caregiver is responsive to their many nuances of communication and can interact with them with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.  Loving attention is given to each child’s development in order to nurture his or her sense of well-being and to support eventual self-reliance through:

  • Music and basic gesture games as a daily experience.

  • Clear, articulate speech of the caregivers, who speak frequently to the children throughout the day.  This is the time in the child’s life when the development of speech capacities is at the forefront.

  • Outdoor time. Toddlers are given ample opportunity for explorative movement and developing their sense of balance. The children go outside in all but the most inclement weather strengthening their bond with the environment in which they live.  Plants, gardening, and animal life are part of the outdoor experience wherever possible.

  • Diaper-changing is considered a special time for connecting with the caregiver and may include a simple nursery rhyme.

  • Toilet training: Toddlers are given the opportunity to use the potty at regular intervals throughout the day.  During their time on the potty, the caregiver will be performing nursery rhymes or a simple puppet show to keep your child’s attention.

  • Your child will be nourished with natural foods, hair brushing, calming foot baths, and rest.

Rhythm of the day:


Arrival & Welcome

Chopping Apples

Indoor Play

Morning Tea

Potty & Diapering

Outdoor Play

Potty & Diapering

Lunch by Candlelight

Potty & Diapering

Lullabies & Naptime

Potty & Diapering

Afternoon Snack

Parent Pickup