Welcome to the World Family School


The World Family School is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit school that teaches in the Waldorf tradition. 

World Family School is centrally located in Bozeman, Montana near Bogert Park.

We offer a developmentally appropriate play-based education with loving teachers, lots of outside time, and warm indoor classrooms full of age-appropriate natural toys to facilitate your child's imagination and optimal development. 

Each day we serve a homemade organic gluten-free lunch and we happily accommodate food allergies. 

Outdoors, we have a beautiful garden for the children to explore and thrive in.  Our students dress warmly, and enjoy lots of fresh air every day. 


Call the office now to schedule a tour

(406) 624-6588

We offer silent classroom tours every Tuesday between 11 am and 1 pm where you can peek in and see our kindergarteners engaged in imaginative play, enjoying their lunch, or engrossed as the teacher tells a story. 

At your tour you are welcome to ask the parent giving the tour questions, or contact the teachers outside of school hours for more information.